Augusto Elías


Augusto Elías, Mexico City (1983). Visual artist focused on the creation of audiovisual imaginary, mostly generated by photographic apparatus & electronic devices. The media and assembly used range from traditional printing, through experimental mounting and audiovisual pieces (video art / video dance); likewise, he uses multimedia installation to generate immersive projects (digital projection / video mapping).

His incursion into the image was during the last year of high school at UNAM where he studied Technical Photography (2002). Later resumed his aesthetic studies at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía (2008), at the end of this syllabus he inaugurated his first individual exhibition and in that same year that he continued his foray into the Visual Arts within the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM (2012).

He has been awarded several distinctions such as the second place in the “University Sports Photography Contest” (UNAM, 2011), was awarded in the “Photo Contest on heritage of Mexico City” (PAOT – FUNDARQMX, 2014). He was awarded an honorable mention at the “II Héctor García Photographic Biennial” (Fundación Héctor y María García, 2015).

From 2006 to the present his works have been in more than 30 collective and individual exhibitions, within the collective it is worth mentioning: “ABSTRCIÓN”, Cultural Center of Diversity where he exhibited 50 works (2010); “Visual Thermometer”, facade of the FAD / Fotofestín (2013); “Fifth exhibition of stroll through Mexico and Japan”, EPSON Gallery (2014); “II Héctor García Photographic Biennial”, at the Héctor García Gallery (2015), “Parameter”, at the Carrillo Gil Art Museum (2015), among others. Within the individual: “(De) mystifying monsters & heroes” in Machado arte espacio (2008) and “Tricotomía” in the Photographic Club of Mexico (2012).

His audiovisual pieces have participated in several festivals, for example, “Endless Fall Festival” (QECCDL-ISSSTE-Ariosto Otero Foundation, 2015), “Eighth Plural Dance Meeting” (Ollin Yoliztli Cultural Center, 2015); They have also been exhibited in Julián Carrillo (Radio UNAM, 2014); in the Talamuro Cultural Space (Ariosto Otero Foundation, 2015); Finally, at the Nahui Olin Cultural Commission and School of Art (2016).

An important part of his career includes cultural management, he has participated in several organizations whose sense is to promote art with social commitment. He is founder of the collective «que el cielo cambie de lugar», a collective of collectives. In collaboration with Giselle Moreno they created the Endless Fall Festival (2015 – 2017) that celebrates the international day of dance in unconventional spaces. He is also an active participant in the cultural diffusion in self-managed cultural centers, and collaborates with dance companies, scenic assemblies and musical ensembles.

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